Grand Prix Melbourne, behind the scenes!

Grand Prix Melbourne, behind the scenes!

For this time around, I’ve configured Cloudflare + WP Fastest Cache + Nginx Pagespeed and CloudFront (well maybe this is overkill). I collected a few measurements of the site’s load speed (before and after everything is configured) but after looking through it and figured its good enough, I discarded it and didnt think much of it.


The hard part of it was just compiling nginx pagespeed, I followed digital ocean’s guide on compiling it but halfway through compiling an error pops up. Something wrong with the PageSpeed Optimization Libraries (I didnt keep note of the error, I should though, would get more traffic from searches). As much as I would like to get on top of this error, it was 5am at that time and I’m getting really tired of this shit. So I followed another guide, copied the PSOL and put it in the folder where I’m following the previous guide and it compiles smoothly.

Where it all goes, the backend

For most of the backends that I build, I use Materialism. Its a nice theme (for now) for an angular-based application. One of my few gripes is that I don’t like how the text box is displayed, its very confusing (from all that empty space).


The text box are just lines! Not as apparent as it should be.

Material Design Iconic Font is my go to for icons at the moment. I’ve used FA before but MDIF offers much more.

Dashboard Materialism

Overall view of the backend

The search is a typical angular filter and its realtime too, no fetches and shit. Well, for now the limit is at 1100 registered users so realtime is ok. Even in the desktop client that I built that used an RFID card for registration and points redemption, I preload all the data and any subsequent data added is pushed to the clients.

In the early stages of deployment, there were some weird bugs that requires the user to refresh the desktop client and loading the interface requires an average 10 seconds to load and some of the laptops that were using it drops wifi connections and things become frustrating. Man, its a long story.


Most of the interactions is hard to show in a screenshot. Another minor visual interaction that I like is when the email icon is clicked (resend email to the user), it actually spins while its loading. When its done, a toast is displayed with a message that the email is sent. Simple pleasures.

This is the 3rd GP site that I’ve done (along with backend, forms, integration, in other words everything, well except for the contents, I just arrange it) and the first post for 2016 (been delaying to posts for a long time). Hopefully I can do a review and see what can be done to improve the development of the next GP site, instead of taking 30-40 hours, it would be nice to have it built in 10-20 hours.

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