Notification App

Notification App

I started building a notification app 2 months ago when a few of my friends voiced their thoughts about it, they wanted to go to convenience stores or restaurants between rounds (big tourney that has 9 rounds, no breaks, can be very taxing). Since they knew that I built the RFID system that was used at GP Singapore 2015, they asked me about it. It is an itch that I also experienced which makes me interested in building because it “sounds” easy enough and maybe I could build it quickly. So I did what I always do before building anything search if there’s anything like it.

Found 2 “app”. From Bazaar of Moxen and After looking through these 2 apps, I wrote down the features that I wanted and how it would look and feel. It should be simple and useful enough for players to keep using it.

I wanted to release it as soon as possible but dont want to release a half-assed looking app. So it might take a few more weeks to polish it to my liking. The name of the app can be crucial, but I do not know how crucial it would be.

Maybe I’ll hire someone from to create something that I can use and see how the name looks.

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