Catching up

Catching up

I’ve been trying to catch up for almost a year (since early 2014) with very little progress. Working in big teams, maneuvering through a lot of hoops, really drains you of your energy. What do I mean by catching up? There’s a lot of stuff popping up like a mushroom after a heavy downpour. All these tools that I wanted to use but cant.

So right now inspired by, I’m building a similar prototype using tools that I didnt get the chance to use. Its fun, its been a long time since I felt absorbed in learning, I eat less (because I’m less stressed) and getting done more. I felt like the PEOPLE OF THE CAVE (ashabul kahfi), coming out of a cave and see mall outside of it. What the fuck is going on here? Is that a flying car?!

Now I’m blissfully playing (also doing some work, chill la boss man) like a child with all these new shiny stuffs. So I’m building this thing I call codeMonitor, with notes written in my trusty Evernote. I told myself that this will only be a weekend project but I cant help myself. I’m already in too deep.

Now I’m at the stage of limiting the uploads, forcing “no delete” on certain columns on parse and migrating my supposed to be PHP folder monitoring script to Python. I dont think its ideal to continue with PHP because I cant build it into an executable, with limited time that I have. An executable will make it easier to use, no hassle. Download, and run. And then that’ll be it.

I’ll post the URL and somewhat functional stuff by the end of the week and see how it goes.

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